Surf film in Pathé Scheveningen a.s. donderdag

“The Old, the Young & the Sea” is an award winning alternative twist to the traditional surf movie.


15 different stories represent the diversity of surfers  and sea stoked people in Europe – among them the first surfers of Spain who are old men by now, 

an old fisher man in Galicia, Garrett McNamara who surfed the highest wave ever surfed, Kepa Acero who became a world traveller after quitting the 

professional surf sport, two very different environmentalists who fight the pollution of the coast, shapers in Portugal that rather recycle than to create 

new stuff, the unusual, but inspiring traveller Guyom and many more sea stoked folks. 


So “The Old, the Young & the Sea” is not a movie about the coolest pro surfers, the highest airs, the most radical turns on some remote perfect waves –

instead it’s about surfers like you and me, their unique stories and approach to surfing. This experiment to make a very different surf movie turned out 

to be an inspiring journey into surfers’ lives, their waves, thoughts and surroundings.


In short: It’s a movie that makes you want to hop in your camping van and go on a surf trip.